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WTF .. i love boxing.

Before I started running in 2015, boxing was my form of cardio. I loved it from the start but once marathon training began that year it was just too much on my body. I was preparing for my first marathon ever, and never ran before in my life, at least nothing of substantial distance. Keeping up with boxing in addition to my existing yoga practice and marathon training just wasn’t going to happen.

After a few marathons under my belt and finally feeling comfortable with my running, I am ready to incorporate boxing back into the mix. Also, I am not going to lie but life has been tough for me the past few months and I had a huge urge to want to hit something. Boxing is definitely the answer for stress relief and makes you feel good. I went back to the same boxing gym I started at in NOHO, Work Train Fight (aka WTF). Even though I went for the group boxing class, I love how it is a legit boxing gym where real fighters go to train, definitely gives it some street cred. The class is nonstop, high intensity intervals – starts with a group warm-up then instructor splits everyone into groups to do the rounds of different workouts. I have never had a dull or bad class here, and nothing has changed, other than their expansion renovation since I last been a few years back.

With just a week into marathon training, I am already feeling the difference with the boxing class. First off, which was the main reason I went to the class it helped relieve the unnecessary stress that has been going on in my life, let’s not go crazy it wasn’t a miracle eliminator but enough to allow me to be mentally more focused during my training runs. Having a clear head makes or breaks a run. I also felt so much stronger, my legs were admittedly a little more fatigued than usual but endurance felt better. I’m excited with how this goes and helps me throughout training, but I would say it is off to a great start!


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