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No Stopping 'til NYC Marathon!

2020 is for sure going to be a challenging year filled with races, but I am so ready to take it on. First up on deck is the NYC Half Marathon. I was lucky enough to get in through the lottery. To be honest, I am not much of a winter running gal, but with my ultimate goal of being a six-star finisher I will need to for Tokyo, Boston and London. This race will be great practice for them, and with that training began this past Monday. It was my first run of the new year, and really first time back since I ran the Berlin Marathon. It felt great to get back into the mix of it. It has always been tough for me to train for a half, but this time around I am trying to stick to it and push myself more than ever before.

After NYC Half, I plan on running Brooklyn Half, which goes right into training for Chicago Marathon and then here’s the challenge, I will be running NYC Marathon too. Now I know there are many people out there that run multiple marathons a year, if that is you then please share some training tips. However, for me personally I usually run one a year.

In my quest to be a six-star finisher, I signed up to run the Chicago Marathon for charity with the American Cancer Society – Team Determination. Cancer has impacted my life in many ways, I lost my father and a few of my aunts to this disease. So anyway that I can help raise funds and awareness I’m in! Then just a few weeks after I was officially signed up for Chicago, I found out one of my close friends, a 28 year old non-smoker was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer. I was already flirting with the idea of running the NYC Marathon this year with it being a huge anniversary year, but with that news it made my decision super easy and I signed up for the NYC Marathon with Fred’s Team.

Excited that training is off to a great start! Please consider donating to support me on either one of my runs, as both are amazing charity organizations. Thank you so much! Hope you enjoy following me on this crazy running journey I got myself into.


Chicago Marathon - American Cancer Society: Team Determination

NYC Marathon - Fred's Team


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